Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anime Review: Brothers Conflict Ep. 3

By episode 3, I have a great feeling this anime is just going to be advancing in fast mode (Like when you play the game). Now, Chi-chan has been living in the Asahina Family for a month. And obviously, finally, the father married the wife.

Spoiler Warning!


Before all that, let me talk about the first half of the episode, and of course episode 2. Reason I skipped episode 2 review is obviously, there isn't much to talk about other than the fact that we know:

1) Yuusuke's first love is our main female character (and he seems quite serious on her)
2) Subaru-san is twenty and is obviously not immune to woman
3) Chi-chan seems to be very good at desserts
4) Fuuto is an arrogant but cute brother? <- am="" br="" cute="" he="" how="" i="" is="" not="" sure="" though="" too="">
In Episode 3, our final two brothers appeared! Natsume-san!! (Oh I love him so much, it's killing me to just wait for Brilliant Blue to be out.) Hikaru-san as well. (She is so... Er... I mean... He... Erm... He... AH!!!) In all case, as we all know Natsume-san is working as a developer for games in Chi-chan's favourite game company. I love how she looks to sparkle when she is talking about the games. She is so cute!! Chi-chan also blushed when Hikaru hugged her. (Ukyou-san is like 'I have enough of your nonsense') In this episode, you will see:

1) The whole Asahina Family
2) Obviously, Fuuto tensing his sister
3) Yuusuke getting pissed with Fuuto (because he obviously is too pure to take the trick his younger brother is doing to him)
4) Triplet in place
5) Subaru being pure and innocent with his love
6) Natsume obviously notice Subaru's feeling (and Natsume has cats as pet)

But in all cases, at this rate, by next episode we will have Chi-chan finding out that she is adopted. And I have a feeling the anime might followed how the manga actually goes which I am really really not happy with it. TT____TT

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