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Anime Review: Brothers Conflict

Anime Name: Brothers Conflict
Number of Episode: 12
Airing: 2 July 2013
Opening Song: BELOVED×SURVIVAL by Gero
Ending Song: 14 to 1 by ASAHINA Bros.+JULI
Anime summary:

Personal Review:

If you ask me... I honestly never expect myself to watch this anime. 'cause I know for sure that for any otome game to be converting to anime, it will surely get my nerve on the edge. One thing is: you know the guys will all end up likely the main female character. And two: The girl is most probably unsure or choose to not choose anyone. =___=

But in all cases, what caught my eyes on this anime is the seiyuu cast. Go in the sequence of the eldest to the youngest:

1) Masaomi voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki, voiced in Ladies versus Butlers! as Hino Akiharu
2) Ukyou voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke, voiced in Hiiro no Kakera as Omi Suguru
3) Kaname voiced by Suwabe Junichi, voiced in Fate/Stay Night as Archer
4) Hikaru voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko, voiced in Aoi no Exorcist as Okumura Rin
5) Tsubaki voiced by Suzumura Kenichi, voiced in Gintama as Okita Sougo
6) Azusa voiced by Toriumi Kousuke, voiced in Hakuouki as Saito Hajime
7) Natsume voiced by Maeno Tomoaki, voiced in Toshokan Sensou as Dojo Atsushi
8) Louis voiced by Takeuchi Ken, voiced in Black Cat as Kelvin
9) Subaru voiced by Ono Daisuke, voiced in Black Butler as Sebastian Michaelis
10) Iori voiced by Namikawa Daisuke, voiced in K the Animation as Isana Yashiro
11) Yusuke voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa, voiced in No. 6 as Nezumi
12) Futo voiced by KENN, voiced in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! as Dino
13) Wataru voiced by Kaji Yuuki, voiced in Guilty Crown as Ouma Shuu

13 of them + 1 more which is Juli voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi who voiced in Princess Princess as Arisada Shuuya.

Phew... A list of some of the famous Seiyuu around. Now let me move on with some review on my side.

This anime origin from Otome game Brothers Conflict which comes in two parts, Passion Pink (released in 2012, 17 May) and Brilliant Blue (plan release in 2013, 12 September). 13 brothers for you to choose from. I have no idea how many route there is but yes, many possibility of the ending. In all cases, the game as is released two parts, of course, the characters you play is also split into two parts (unfortunately).

For Passion Pink: Masaomi, Kaname, Hikaru, Tsubaki, Subaru, Yusuke and Futo.

In Brilliant Blue: Ukyou, Azusa, Natsume, Louis, Iori, Wataru

I am so waiting for Brilliant Blue to come out. But then again, let me continue.

The story starts with having Ema (main female character), her father is getting married with another lady(which is obviously the mother of the 13 children). So now, she has 13 siblings all of a sudden and she is going to live with them from now on. How is she going to handle them? Will love grows? (Yes is an obvious answer here. And if you say not sure, you might want to check what is otome game)

In episode 1, we see Ema making her way to the mansion. In the case, as the story follows a little to the game, thus, this part I suppose is similar to those who have play the game. But in accelerated mode. (After all is only 12 episodes). This episode is basically a introduction to most of the brothers as well, focusing on the twin... I mean the two of the triplets which are Tsubaki and Azusa. Nothing much in episode 1 so I am wondering what will happen in episode 2...

The ending song is quite nice and is kinda matching for the story. The opening isn't as bad but... I still like the ending... And it got me into making me wanna play the game already. Offline time~

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