Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Review: Season of the Witch

Title: Season of the Witch
Featuring: Nicolas Cage as Behmen, Ron Perlman as Felson
Woot! I hate to say this but... This movie is not exactly what I was expecting after reading the summary off the line.
When it does talk about witches in the late fourteen century, being accused and hung to death. It also talks about the war and murders. Our main hero, Behmen was a holy knight. The key word here is: was. He took off from the group, along with Felson, his partner and travel across the land. He and Felson were considered the traitors. But as they cross the land, little did they knew that Black Plague was haunting the land. And even little did they knew that they will be facing a dark force so powerful, only to know it lies within a normal looking young girl.
Honestly, I was looking forward for enchantment or something from the girl to Behmen, but it seems that none of it happen. Although the thrill is good, seriously too good. The story is a little too normal and a little too anticipatable. A little boring in the middle. But overall, it is still manageable. Too much talking from the characters with little actions.
Effect wise, however, I feel it is good for a movie like this. =) I give it credit. It does have good effect. Music... Er... No much of impress for it. I even doubt I heard much music in it, that's the main thing.
People who wishes to watch this, my suggest is... well... probably if you can withstand the long and quite meaningless conversations, you could catch this movie for some effect. Otherwise, my suggest will be... Let's just skip it. Really.

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