Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movie Review - Unstoppable

Before I ever watch any movie, I would do a little online research. And I would give discount to the review given. This movie is not an exception to this. However, this movie is one that I would say, the reviews given to it are real.
Unstoppable is based on a real event happened in Ohio on May 15, 2001. A 47-car CSX locomotive was left to run for 66 miles without a single engineer onboard before stopping.
Similiarly, in the movie, a train (code 777) with highly toxic and flammable chemical ran unmanned (due to a mistake of the engineer) and in the oppose traffic on the track. Our main two characters, Will Colson (Chris Pine), a newly conductor and Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington), a experience engineer worked together for the first day, unknowing that they will be caught in the whole action.
In the start, Will and Frank just don't seeem to be the best combination. They argued over the smallest things, experiences etc. But in the mid of the movie, things started to change. Especially after the incident of not going to fit into the short side railway after Will made a mistake in attaching four more cargo cars.
The high speed unmanned train is moving on track and the company is trying it best to stop it before it enters highly populated cities. However, like most of the movies, all plans went backfired. (Either more people getting killed or more people injured)
After escaping narrowly from getting hit by the 777, Frank decided to step in to stop the train (in which, Will was a little reluctant). How exactly do they do it? I am not going to say. It's either you watch the movie or you read the real news. Never-the-least, the two of them worked quite well together from now on, trying their best to stop the train.
In my opinion, for those who really love action movies, you should really consider watching this. Like myself, when I watched movie, I have the tendency of walking out of my seat to the washroom. But for this movie, I didn't even move a bit. (Well, except hugging tightly onto my box of popcorn) This movie kept me in my seat the entire movie through. It just make me not want to miss a single bit of action.
Whether you trust me or not on this movie, watch it whichever way you can. This is a movie I suggust you to sit back and enjoy the full course action. =) Signing off!

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