Saturday, October 09, 2010

Zero no Kiseki (零の軌跡)

Game Title: 英雄伝説 零の軌跡 (Legend of Heroes - Zero no Kiseki)
Creator: Nippon Falcom
Official Site: 零の軌跡
Walkthrough: Wiki (Still building) <- br="" by="" done="" is="" me="" not="" this="" up=""> Language: Japanese
Platform: PSP

Story plot:

A year after the event taken place in Sora no Kiseki, the game brings us to Crossbell City where our new hero, Lloyd, a newly police inspector returns to his homeland after three years (Well, he was dreaming when the game started... Of well) He has been appointed to join the police force, Special Inspection Team (Sounds like special force) which he, at that time didn't know that it was a newly created + not-liked team. He met up with three others, Elie, Tio (Sounds a little like Tia in Sora no Kiseki) and Randy. How will they cope with gaining the trusts from people around them and working to protect their city?

My thoughts:

I was completely looking forward to this game ever since I finished Sora no Kiseki back a year. (To take note the last series for Sora no Kiseki came out in 2007) Honestly, I was totally out to grab this game!

You can never be disappointed with Falcom's graphic. One word: IMPRESSIVE!!! The graphic is of high quality (Similar to YS, another game created by Falcom) and the video and special effects are just as good! I could imagine myself playing this on a wonderful desktop with good graphic cards (That is if they are coming up with the PC edition to this game).
Sound + Effects:

Personally, I feel that the battle song can be a little more hippy and the other parts of city bg music is a little slow. I don't mind slow song, but sometimes, it just make me feel like sleeping... (Sorry) But, never-the-least I love the sad bg songs. Somehow, it IS very emotional.
Effects for this, I will not be surprise after playing Sora no Kiseki. It's similar to that. (Even the technic itself)
Feel on story plot:

I am still in the mid of the game, so I can't really say much. But for one things, some part is a little too long (A feel of YS gaming already), other than that, the plot till now is still relative interesting and getting me hang on it.
And for those who played Sora no Kiseki before, surprising news await for you in this game. I am not revealing it, so if you want to know, go ahead and play the game!
That's probably what I can say now. Will update about the game once I clear it! Wee~ Off to gaming!

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