Sunday, June 06, 2010

Short Anime Review: Angel Beats!

Anime Name: Angel Beats!
Number of Episode: 13
Opening Song: My Soul, My Beats! by Lia
Ending Song: Brave Song by LiSA

For the summary, please refer to Anime News Network.

When I started watching this anime, I thought it was just any other action, fantasy and girls with guns. But I was completely wrong.

This anime is more than that. Every episode reveals more and more about the world they live in, the characters' pasts and why they are gathered here. Even the 'enemy' has a past.

I watched the preview and interview with the author of the anime lately. He mentioned in it that at the later of the anime, it will be a heart-warming and sad story. It seems that it is very true. After watching episode 10, I can't help, but weep in tears. It is not really a sad end however. But really heart-warming.

The ending song of episode 10 is really nice and it fits so well with the story. Ichiban no Takaramono. This song is going to be recorded in the soundtrack, 'Keep the beats!' which is releasing in 30 June 2010(if I didn't remember wrongly).

This anime is really detail. I pretty much like the effects and the songs... They are so wonderfully sang~!

However, for those who don't really like anime that is depressing, I suggest you watch the first few episode which is really comedy. For those who loves Mushishi, I will suggest you give this anime a shot.

I will see you guys again~

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