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Anime Review: Kaicho wa Maid-sama!

Title: Kaicho wa Maid-sama! (Kaichō wa Maid-sama!)
Episode: 13 (Most likely too)
Series starts: 01-04-2010 (April Fool day how nice...)
Opening Theme: My Secret by Saaya Mizuno
Ending Theme: Yokan by Heidi
Story summary:
Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at a once all boys school turned co-ed. She rules the school with strict discipline demeanor. But she has a secret, she works at a maid cafe due to her families circumstances. One day the popular A student and notorious heart breaker Takumi Usui finds out her secret and makes a deal with her to keep it hush from the school in exchange for spending some time with him. - obtain from Anime News Network

Adapted from Manga series. I had waited for quite a while till the release of the Anime. I knew it will become animated from about one year (even since I realized most of my Manga collection will become animated). Wee~! And expected from episode one, it's really entertaining. :D
Let's me introduce the main characters:

Name: Ayuzawa Misaki
Position: Seika High School Student Council President (and also the first)
Seiyuu: Fujimura Ayumi (Voice actress of Cecily Cambell from Seiken no Blacksmith)
A hot-headed(?), very responsible, perfectionist(or should I say idealist?) and man-hater(Does this term actually exist??). And you know, even though she is a man-hater, she is now studying in a near 80% of the population of men school.

Name: Usui Takumi
Position: Seika High School normal(??) student
Seiyuu: Okamoto Nobuhiko (Voice actor for Luke Ainsworth in Seiken no Blacksmith)
A highly intelligent, manipulative, dangerous(very) and perfectionist(most of the time). He seems to have a weird family background. And... JUST HOW MUCH THINGS DOES HE KNOW HOW TO DO?!
Sorry... And that's the rough introduction of the main casts. Can't say too much or it ruins the Anime AND Manga.
Episode one talk mainly about how everything started (obviously). And by the way, the opening to this Anime is really really nice. You should really listen to it.
They started by introducing our dear Seito Kaicho, Misaki lecturing the stupid trio about their uniform and forbid them to enter the school. Just in case you are wondering how they look like, here's the pic:

Ignore the guy sitting down. He is just an extra character that will appear later in the Anime(hopefully). Those three are the stupid trio.
In which after, we heard Misaki talking about the school being a pure boy school till a few years ago. Since it was a pure boy school before, the population of girls is really small and the guys aren't too used to having girls around (the freedom of running around without clothes >_<'), thus the school reputation isn't really good. As I mentioned before Misaki is the first Seito Kaicho, her mission (her own mission I mean)was to make sure that the school reputation increase, educating the guys and getting more girls to come into this school. Sounds tough huh? But interesting isn't it? Or did I mention that she is the only female in the entire council?? Here's the picture:

Anyway, I think the trio keep getting lecture by her though...Nothing much for now... We got back to Misaki's house and we get to see her mother and younger sister who reacts and looks the same. (Are they twins?!)If I am not wrong, Misaki's mother is a nurse. But she now taking up part-time jobs to earn extra cash. Their family is very poor due to their evaporated father. :P It is then her sister, Suzuna told her that her boss at the part-time job called to ask her to fill in today. And then we see Misaki trying to get out of her house as fast as possible to her job place, Maid Latte.

Over here, well, since it is still in the beginning, I suppose, there's much though. Misaki explaining why she took up this job (because of the good pay and most probably ease of job work). And then she sighed, saying that it will not be good if the school's guys see her in this uniform (by the way, she is in maid uniform ^0^). And then he appeared! Usui Takumi! In the back lane! Spotted her! Hahaha! I love how Okamoto-san actually spoke here. 'WOW... bikuri...kaicho da...' and then he walk away. Hahaha!! And we will see Misaki, back in the shop, becoming an unknown substance... =___=' Nice...

And you know, Takumi actually waited for her job to be over. Of course waiting in the back lane. And he did that because he wants to be sure it's kaicho?! Man... He IS weird. Anyway, Misaki dragged him along with her to a park where he started asking her question why she is doing this job etc while Misaki confessed to him about the truth. After which Misaki thought that he is going to spread the rumor around but for the next three days, nothing happened.

And now, we see Misaki's two friends, Sakura and Shizuko. By the way, the one with two ponytail is Sakura, the cute one. The other is the long-winded one. The two of them had favor to ask from our strong Misaki. That's to move the boxing club sandbag. And watch her do the trick. Talking about not strong... Even the boxing club freak out. Then Sakura and Shizuko thanks her and Shizuko gave a flower which Misaki happily accepted. Of course, our dear Takumi is looking all the time.^-^ I also have no idea why he 'pout', so don't ask me.

Then Sakura went into a 'fuwa fuwa' mode and explained that Takumi is the most popular guy in the school etc... (I don't feel like saying the standard statements.)Shizuko joined in also. And Misaki explained she never understand girls wherever it is this topic. And just as she thought he is so popular and he is just not interested in girls, he is not interested in her in maid form. How wrong of her!

He entered the shop from front. Wow! Nice move, Takumi! Our dear Kaicho got a little pissed off but put up to him which he laughed in reply. And to think, after Misaki served him his coffee, he stared at her move. Our tencho became all lovely dovey over this action. Asking if Takumi is Misaki's boyfriend or something which Misaki, obviously said NO!

Another day went by (just how many day went by?), Takumi asked another classmate who is Misaki's old schoolmate if she is like this since then. The classmate did explain to him about it, though also commenting it is rare that Takumi will talk about girls. (I think the classmate is shock, moreover, he is asking about Misaki.) He visited the shop again. And tencho commented to Misaki that Takumi must be really worry about her and that the way he looked at her is pure love. (I have no idea how to say this... No idea...)And, why the hell you blush when your eyes had contact with Takumi's, Misaki!!!???

Next day (AGAIN?!), Misaki doesn't believe a word from tencho and believes he is just enjoying himself. It was then she received news from Sakura and Shizuko that she is second in the stimulated exam. Guess who got first. Our dear Takumi! Haha. Now she is definitely not pleased at this. And the rest of her day didn't go too smooth. I like the scene when the council's accountant couldn't get the account to balance. I thought I saw a very very scary monster or demon...=__='' But oh well, to be honest, she isn't feeling quite alright at this point of time. Another little screenshot of them. ^-^ Before we turn to her working at Maid Latte.

She is feeling terrible right now and she still thinks about her job. (Too responsible...) Anyway, the trios came along this path too (Why I ask does everyone like the back lane so much?!) And they spotted dear Misaki. While one of them tried to touch her (I think they already touch her, grabbing her hand like that and asking her to say 'Master'.), our Takumi to the rescue! It does seems that all he has to do is to just appear and stared at them. This time round, Misaki became a little honest, apologized to him before fainting. (I know I am getting brief but it will be nicer to watch it instead of me explaining in words.)

Misaki rested for a day before heading to school. When she does return Takumi's scaf(he lend it to her on the day she fainted.), she explained that she is just not pleased that he is able to do everything she tried so hard to achieve so easily. (Oh, and Takumi did ask the trio not to spread the news of Misaki working at Maid Latte) But then, she still replied that she doesn't want to own him anything so she will do him a favor. And what did our Takumi ask from her?? A day as his personal maid! ^0^

See her in the next episode!
Oh, and the ending song is not too bad too. ^-^

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Anonymous said...

I already watched Maid-sama and I'm reading the manga now and I must say that this is a very good summary of the first ep! :D
I really like your style of describing Maid-sama and I think if I had not watched it yet I would definitely watch it now.
I hope the do a second season...
Usaki <3~