Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Layout, New Appearance, New Content

Listening to: Minna Daisuki by Buono! from Shugo Chara!
Mood: Enjoying a little break here!

So much for a Lunar year... Man... Totally worn out.

And woot~! I just change my blog appearance! Which equals to new contents. How 'nice'!

Some new contents to look out for:

  • Things on computer science
  • Things on Manga
  • Things on Games (PC to PSP to Wii, from G rating to M18 game rating)
  • More information on Anime (Even events I attended, and hopefully have enough pictures for them)
  • More on my life? (<- THIS is the most random things around...)
  • As well as original stories... :3
  • And ya... You might find me selling second handed manga. So if you are hoping to get cheap manga @ range from $2 - $5, do look out my site. BUT it is only for people living in Singapore unfortunately and cash transaction.

    Regarding computer science information, you people out there can feel free to ask question. However, I can help only to a certain level since I am not the expert in the field.

    Feel free to stay around~ :)

    PS. By the way people, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR~!!

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