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Hakushaku to Yōsei Episode 1 - 4

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Title : Hakushaku to Yōsei (伯爵と妖精)
Number of Episode: 13 (This is short...)
Main Cast:
Midorikawa Hikaru as Edgar J. C. Ashenbert
Mizuki Nana as Lydia Carlton
Chafurin as Tomkins
Hiro Yuuki as Nico
Hiroshi Kamiya as Paul Ferman
Mamoru Miyano as Ulysses
Sayaka Ohara as Ermine
Takehito Koyasu as Kelpie
Tomokazu Sugita as Raven
Toru Ohkawa as Professor Carlton
Opening: FEELING by AciD FLavoR
Ending: My Fairy by Midorikawa Hikaru
Official Site: http://www.myfairy.tv/index.html and http://myfairy.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/news/index.html

To be honest, I want to introduce this anime even since I started watching back 4 weeks ago. But, after dragging for so long, I decided to give a brief introduction of this anime.
This story is about this young lady, Lydia Carlton who is a fairy doctor. What's a fairy doctor? Fairy doctor is someone who can see and communicate with fairies. In this story, fairies do exist in our world. Er... Rephrase, they co-exist with us in our world except that we can't see them or hear or communicate with them. Fairy doctor acts as a middleman to handle dispute between fairy and human.
And next we have Edgar J. C. Ashenbert. The Ashenbert family is well-known to be loyal to Edward the First, known as Aokishi Hakushaku (I can't translate that into English.) and also a Lord in the Fairy Land. That's if you don't know the real story. (I can't really reveal much.) He is good at manipulating people and able to use people well. He is also well-known to be a lady 'killer'. But when it comes to Lydia, he doesn't know how to duel with her...
In episode 1, we were introduced to Lydia who lives on her own in a countryside. Her father, Professor Carlton, works as a Professor in a university on stones, rock, minerals. Professor Carlton invited Lydia to London to visit him which of course she did, making her involve in the case.
Lydia met Edgar on the boat to London. (To be more precise, she was going to be taken to London by another group of guys.) Edgar claimed that the guy with her is a bad guy who tied him and beat him up. He also told her to believe him and help him escape. Lydia, who is a soft-hearted girl, helped him. Unknowingly, she is taken to a boat by Edgar to voyage to another place. (She is so easy to trick.)
On the boat, Lydia reted a little while to wake up to see Edgar who sweet-talked to her. Another man, Raven, came in to help Edgar with changing his clothes. Raven who noticed Edgar's injury seems a little mad but Edgar asked him to not get worked up and kill people because of these small injuries. (By the way, Raven call Edgar, 'My Lord'. ^//^ So cute~) He also requested Raven to prepare a dress for Lydia to wear for dinner.
At dinner, Edgar introduced Lydia as a friend of his who is also on the way to the same destination. The upper class people chatted that way. One of them asked if Edgar is the descendants of Ashenbert which of course Edgar replied yes. They talked a little about Ashenbert family history. But none of them in the group seems to believe about fairies. This make Lydia very angry and asked them why they only believe about the family and not fairies. Well, the reaction is obvious. But Edgar helped her a little out there. After a while, Lydia left the place to take a walk. There she met Nico who is drinking wine. (>_<'' Cat drink wine?!) They talked a little. When Lydia said that Edgar is quite good looking, he appeared behind her and thanked her compliment.
It is reveal in the end of episode 1, that Edgar need Lydia's help to get the Sword of the Mermaid, Menro(Not quite sure how to spell that but...).
In episode 2, Edgar showed Lydia a coin with carving on it. It is revealed that it will lead them to the sword. (In the meanwhile, officers are checking the ship for suspicious people[Edgar in fact].)
Another news came to Lydia on the train towards their destination. (They dropped off from the ship and took train instead.) The America Killer who has a cross on his tongue. Nico asked Lydia to check it out on Edgar. In which Lydia tried and failed miserably. She tried to pour hot water on Edgar as well, but she got Riven instead. (Riven is protecting his master after all. Very loyal person indeed...)Feeling guilty, Lydia went to apologize to Riven. But she received more surprising news from Riven. (That's Lydia asked if Riven will stop Edgar from killing people and Riven told her that instead of Edgar dirty his hand, he will kill them for his Lord.)
After they dropped off the train, they were attacked again but the previous gang who wanted to kidnap Lydia. A little fight here where we see Riven jumping here and there, turning and spinning in the air... Lydia and Edgar escaping (Edgar protected her as well...)... To a cottage somewhere...
Lydia who is always caring to people, was told by Nico to escape. Nico gave her sleeping pills that will work effectively. They chatted a little on Edgar's history. (I will not talk much on it.) It's then Edgar told Lydia he needed to get the sword at all cost. Lydia then wanted to give him a cup of mint water with the sleeping pills in it but, being Edgar, he realized it as soon as it is given to him and he questioned her. And all of a sudden, Edgar seems to be not himself anymore. Begging Lydia not to abandon him and etc. (Got me on that.) We got a view of Ami in this episode. She is quite an important character in the novel however. But in the anime, she didn't appear at all.
In the end, Lydia still stayed with Edgar to help him get the sword.
In episode 3, it's the first time we see Lydia works as fairy doctor. This part of the show is very cute. ^^ We will also see Riven talk about his own stuff. Then we will see Lydia breaks the code in episode 2. And the bad guys are back again. (Aren't they tired?) This time, they brought Lydia's father along with them. Riven's action again as well for Edgar and Lydia to escape. Another scene is between Lydia, Edgar and Professor Carlton.
In episode 4, we see Riven protecting Lydia from black dog but failed. Lydia was taken and locked up with her father. More information from Riven to Lydia as well as a message from Edgar. Then it continued with the treasure hunting. Anyway, Edgar did obtain the sword after a long way.
I am so sorry that I can't really tell you guys about episode 3 and 4. It is more worthy to watch it on your own. SO watch it!!
Images from Episode 1

PS. I am so surprise when I first heard Midorikawa-san as Edgar. It didn't sound like Zelgadiss or Xingke. But either way, his voice is really... How should I phrase it? I should say he really brought Edgar's personality out. As for Mizuki-san, her voice... is still as cute as when she acts as Fate and Utau. Ah~ *Hearts* *Edited on 2 November: Forgot to add the images...

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