Friday, August 01, 2008

Slayers Revolution Episode 5 Latest Update

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The latest episode of Slayers Revolution is quite interesting. And it also confirms the character, Xelloss. Xelloss is still being acted by Ishida Akira. ^_^ Wee~ I love his voice for god sake.
But then again, when I first heard the voice. I actually paused the episode and went back again for quite a few times. ... The reason is that it sounded so much of Nagi in My Otome, Mai Hime aka My Hime. I wasn't quite used to it even if Ishida-san is the one acting as Nagi. >_< I am so sorry~!!
Okay. Back to the episode. It seems that Xelloss is the 'bad' guy this time, joining forces with villains. But who knows? Xelloss is the mysterious priest is he not? Heehee... It's good that he is back~!
And yeah... Pokota has a surprising identity waiting in this episode! Wooh~ I didn't see that coming~ Haha~ And a long lost name appeared once more in the episode~ Who is it? Watch the latest episode~! GO!GO!GO! Lina power!!

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