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Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo - Episode 01

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I first get to know this anime by reading its translated novel(Sorry, I can't really read Japanese.). I thought it was really interesting. (I even get my mom interested in this novel.) So let's get started.
Title: Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo Number of Episode: 13
Main Cast:
  • Kiuchi Hidenobu as Izumida Junichiro
  • Nabatame Hitomi as Yakushiji Ryoko
  • Kuwashima Houko as Muromachi Yukiko
  • Nojima Kenji as Kishimoto Akira
This are the main cast. Let's get on.

The show starts with Junichiro having nightmare about a girl committing suicide. And unusually it seems... The girl looks a lot like the younger version of Ryoko. While Junichiro wakes up in a shock and explaining he's been having the same nightmare lately. Then he wakes up and get to work. On way to work and introducing himself. ^^

But the moment he arrived in his office (and greeting to his fellow mates), he is called in by the queen, a.k.a Ryoko to her office. Why was he called in in the first place? Ryoko wanted him to greet her first thing he gets to the office. Junichiro introduced her to everyone. For those who didn't know Ryoko, here is a short introduction to her.

Yakushiji Ryoko, daughter of the JACES Insurance Company. Her father is formally a policeman (with rather high position if I didn't remember wrongly). She is the only daughter. Intelligence + beauty = Ryoko. Simple as that. But she is the troublemaker in the police society. Reason that wherever she goes, weird things will definitely happen. And no matter how weird the things might be, she will be able to solve(and causing tons of troubles). Everyone will fall under her charms if they didn't know her personality. Well, one person to the exception. And that's Junichiro.
Okay back to the anime. So Ryoko demands a greeting from Junichiro and he obeys it. After she is satisfied, she ordered Junichiro to follow her to shopping. And yeah, during office hours.(And one more thing about Ryoko, she never obeys any regulation or rules.) On the way, things happened. (As per usual in the novel)

A man came out and blocked the taxi Ryoko was in. From the looks of it, the man was somehow drained dry of water and died in front of Ryoko and Junichiro. And the moment he did, a short explosion occurred, causing smoke of gas. Both of them got off the car to find the man to have turned into a mummy.

As they stayed around for a while, Ryoko found someone suspicious around the area and went for a chase. Even while she is in her high heels, she outran Junichiro and caught up with the person. They struggled against each other for a while. Ryoko only let go when the person have something tried to attack her. Something shiny caught Ryoko's eye. While the suspicious person escaped into the building, Ryoko wanted to seal the building up but was turned down. Not only so, Ryoko went up against the boss of the building who also is infamous for some reason. But then again, she is allowed into the building.

Then, she went shopping. (At this time?!) Shopping for...Er... Swimming suit. It was then Ryoko asked Junichiro to analysis the case and tell her his thoughts. In which after she went for swimming, attracting all the men attentions as she did so. As she on purpose, asked Junichiro to help her out of the pool (And he knew she did that on purpose), all the men around was astonished. ... Men... Junichiro reported that this is the sixth similar cases. Another girl, er... I think is Satomi... Not really sure her name, she is a china, no, chinese fan. She even gave herself a chinese name. Anyway, she came in with reports about the shiny thing (Ring) that was dropped previously by the person.

Their next stop was a doctor who is very familiar with weird cases. He gave them quite a handful of information while they gave him wine I think. And Ryoko came up with plans to get to the boss of the building. And her devil self appeared. The scene cuts to a lady on top of the building saying things like, "Yakushiji-san, let's play like we did before." Man it really gave me the creep.

Ryoko and Junichiro went back to the previous building to meet up with Ryoko's fan and her arch-enemy, Kishimoto-san and Yukiko. Let's stop a bit and introduced them. Kishimoto Akira, he is a career and a big fan of some anime. (I forgot what's it.) He is an idiot. As simple as that. Brainless + timid = him. Muromachi Yukiko, her father is also a high level policeman. She is following his footstep. She is as clever as Ryoko but is a bit too obedient. She does as the rules say. >_> She and Ryoko are enemies from they were in university. However, Yukiko still does gives Ryoko some respect when Ryoko does certain things. ^^ Okay back to the anime. The two girls started teasing one another while Kishimoto asked Junichiro if it's fine not to stop them. Junichiro suggested for Kishimoto to try and stop them while he prepare to join Kishimoto's funeral and effective let him drop the idea. Then Ryoko and Junichiro received news from Kishimoto that they (The boss of the building) are going to hold an event in the building and they decided to join. (Yukiko asked Kishimoto to get more backup as she knew something was going to happen.)

The scene cuts again. Appearing before us is the criminals. They appeared to be taking orders which is to kill Junichiro and Ryoko. And I wasn't really sure but the author just appeared in the story? Yeah, I mean, that's the signature isn't it? Anyway, Ryoko and Junichiro sat around the bar as Ryoko started to drink wine or cocktail I suppose. Ryoko went into her highschool girl mode for a while when Junichiro looked at her. But in which after, bartender came before them, telling Junichiro someone had left a message for him. The message appears to be left by Yukiko. Ryoko let Junichiro go to Yukiko but required him report everything about the conversation back to her. As Junichiro went over to the location indicated, he found not Yukiko but Kishimoto with the bad guys. The bad guys tried to take Junichiro but failed as he easily beat them off. On the other hand, Ryoko faces up with another comrade who disguised as a bartender and offered to make drinks for her. Ryoko who realized the weirdness, continued to spy on the bartender. Junichiro questioned the bad guys to realize their target was Ryoko and went to her in hurry. Ryoko, at this point of time, received her drink which she took without hesitation, ignoring Junichiro's shouting of not to drink it and pointing her gun to the bartender who thought she had done her job and to only realized that Ryoko's gun was pointing at her in the end. The story continued next week. ^_^;

This story is also available in manga. So let's see about the story next week!

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