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Slayers Revolution Review - Episode 2 -

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Was quite busy with my school works etc. Finally got some time to review episode 2 for Slayers Revolution.
It started with the review from the previous episode as they usually did in the past season. Then we see our heroine, Lina trying to figure out what was going on. But no one in the group knew what exactly happen. Lina got frustrated and Gourry tried to calm her down but got the reverse effect, making Gourry's head disappeared below his clothe. Then Lina started questioning Ameria about the Wizer guy and Ameria answered them honestly. After listening to Ameria's explanation, Lina, even getting a bit unbelievable herself at the explanation, made her statement, 'The next time I visit, I will turn it to ash. Saillune.' Her statement definitely freaked Ameria out. Lina continued a little about destroying Ruvinagald Kingdom(Where? Here?) They listened to her speech unbelievably. And good timing it seems, Wizer appeared at their location through a broken door and stating he heard Lina's speech. While Ameria and Gourry tried to convince Wizer for mistaking Lina's speech, Wizer still wanted to catch Lina but to be stop by Lina herself as she was totally mad by now, demanding she wanted to know the reason she is arrested for or she will not allow herself to be caught. (Not forgetting to threaten if it's the 'Because you are Lina Inverse.', I will kill you.)

Surprisingly, Wizer actually explained to her that there was recently a series of cases where their weapon(the turtle thingy), magic tanks were destroyed one after another and they suspect that Lina was the one behind it. While Zelgadiss asked if there was evidence against Lina, Wizer replied, "Because it's Lina Inverse." This earned himself a punch by Lina. While Lina was still burning in flare, she started casting Dragon Slave. In time, Gourry held her back from finishing casting the spell. It was then, Wizer stated that the other evidence is Dragon Slave. (?!) The gang was taken back by his statement. He commented that most of the spells will not affect the magic tank (while Zelgadiss explained that unless it's a high level spell such as Dragon Slave). This also made Lina pissed off, stating that learning Dragon Slave was also part of the bridal training. (Is she talking about Syphiel?) Wizer continued to state all the bad point about Lina (Don't ask me to list it please... I don't want to be Dragon Slave by Lina.) and was seriously convinced that Lina is the one before the series of incident. His statement shocked Lina while convincing the rest of the gang. Then Gourry went into his idiot mode again, stating that no matter how it takes, he will wait for her, he will put out the yellow handkerchief(???). He earned himself a kick from Lina. Lina then explained that she was not the one who destroyed that turtle machine. It was then the gang remembered about that soft toy thingy. Wizer tried to play around and earning himself Mega Brand.

The scene came back with gang going up a hill led by Wizer. Wizer still wasn't really convinced by Lina about the small creature and Lina said she wasn't convinced either. They reached a palace-like place. Inside, it's cannon everywhere. Even Zelgadiss was shocked by the amount. They were led to a cave with a big gate. It was then Ameria started asking why they were here in the first place. Lina explained to them the easiest way to prove her innocence was to catch the one who did the job. So she asked Wizer to bring to the place where the one who did the job will likely to attack.

The previous machine was a turtle. But now, before Lina and the gang, it's a boar? No. Ox? No either. Cow. Right Cow machine. Lina then commented about their bad sense of design. As she was saying that they were going to be on guard for a while for this machine, a spell came, destroying the machine. Wizer got himself caught in the explosion. As guards started to gather, Zelgadiss asked everyone to look towards the gate entry. There stood the little fellow who started to escape. Lina started to command the gang. Ameria and Zelgadiss were to stay back and help the injured person. Gourry and her were to follow the little creature.

They ran after the little creature and into the forest. As they went after, Gourry reminded Lina that she should not push herself too far and the creature wasn't any average creature either. Lina started casting spells at it while the little fellow casted its. It was then I realized. I. ME! Shocked. The little fellow looks and acted just like our dear Lina. Anyway, they started arguing with one another. Then they fought with each other. Lina blamed the little fellow for making her take the blame while the little fellow said it was her fault in the first place to have a bad reputation. Lina also stated that she will catch it to prove her innocence. The little fellow just said that it will not itself to be caught as it had something else to handle. Do you think Lina is going to take that in? No. Of course not. Once she wants to catch you, she will not let anything stands in her way.

Round two of the battle started. I can't really describe the scene so watch it please. Here we saw Gourry actually performing high sword skill technique. But is he really human seriously...? Anyway, Lina and the little creature were back to one-to-one. Then Lina commented she didn't have a tail on her butt. A cute scene. This anger the little creature.

The scene then cut to Ameria side. She is healing the injured people. Wizer who finally woke up asked what happened. Zelgadiss explained the current situation and that Lina went after the bomber. When Wizer heard about it, he was shocked.

And the scene went back to Lina. (God I hate this.) They were still battling... Lina knew this was going to be a never-ending battle, she analysis the situation. While she is still in the thought, the little creature attacked her with freeze rain. While she escaped in hurry, she casted Ferious Breed. (???) The little creature blinked at her as it never heard this spell before. Lina asked it to wait for a while. And indeed, a while later, flocks of sparrows(I think it's sparrows) appeared and attacked it. It appeared that it's a spell created by Lina to simply attract birds. Lina started humiliating it for a while before it returned comments about her height and breast. This really got her nerve. Lina went into her berserker mode. Darkness around her. Wow...

Guess what, she started to chant the power buff in which after she started casting our all time favourite spell, Dragon Slave. The little creature wanted to stop Lina but was a little freak out by her. In the end, it took Sword of Light out of its body?! She blew the half the place up again. But the little creature survived. Lina and Gourry who saw the sword of light were shocked and questioned why it had the sword here. It was then Lina and Gourry knew it's a replica made by the little fellow as well as the magic tank. The little fellow then introduced itself as Pokota after Lina introduced themselves to it. Just then our dear Wizer appeared and wanted to catch Lina again. And it ended with Pokota flying above them.

You can watch Slayers Revolution on YouTube. So long it's not taken down. ^^ Try crunchyroll as well. It seems that they have it.

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