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Slayers Revolution Episode 1 Review

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After nearly 7 years, our heroine, Lina Inverse is back in action!! Applause please~! Haha!
Yes, you heard it right! Slayers is back with more action. Though this new was announced early this year, almost all Slayers fans are welcoming it for a long time. Slayers Revolution!

Title: Slayers Revolution
Number of Episode: To be announced
Main Cast:
  • Hayashibara Megumi as Lina Inverse
  • Matsumoto Yasunori as Gourry Gabriev
  • Midorikawa Hikaru as Zelgadiss Graywords
  • Suzuki Masami as Ameria Wil Tesla Saillune
All of the above are the same as the previous cast. Here comes the new casts:
  • Ohtsuka Akio as Wizer (some inspector)
  • Katou Natsuki as Kuppy(I think she is also the main character....)
  • Kobayashi Yumiko as Pokota (No sure what kind of a character this is...)
There is one unconfirmed staff. And that's Xelloss acted by Ishida Akira from the previous two seasons (He didn't appear in the first series). Even with Anime News Network having his name in the cast, his name has not appeared in the list on the official site. ^_^ I am waiting for his appearance to confirm.

Opening: Plenty of Grit by Hayashibara Megumi
Ending: Revolution by Hayashibara Megumi
So let's get down with the first episode!

It started off with a group of pirates having celebrating their victory. Unfortunate for them.... FIREBALL!! Yep~! That's our heroine, Lina entering the scene with her famous killer move, fireball! Well, not forgetting our dear jellyfish head Gourry! While the pirates are still unfamiliar with Lina, demanding to know who she was, and as per usual, Lina started her extremely long and self-center introduction. (Yeah, her genius beautiful sorceress speech but in a rather long version.) Gourry added a bad comment about her appetite and earning himself a punch.
And we have a cut scene about an army of ships with Saillune flag just a few miles away from Lina(Oh do I even need to say more?). For those who knew, yep, our favourite justice-speech princess of Saillune, Ameria is on board of the ship with our all time life-is-miserable, Zelgadiss. ^^ I wonder why they are together in the first place... Hmm... But anyway, they appeared to be searching for Lina. No. I rephrase that. They ARE searching for Lina. Our new guy, what's his name... Er... Oh yeah, Wizer is also with Ameria.
Back with Lina, after a few rounds of punching up the gang, (In the process, Gourry's sword broke into half and he cried and tried to repair it.) the leader of the gang wanted to use a lady as a hostage but... It turns out the lady is a fish... er... No... I mean mermaid? Anyway, so they tried and it failed as badly it seems. The fish... No... I mean the mermaid, who heard Lina's name got a shock of her life and explain to the rest of the people on board above her killing and destroying of the towns and everything which eventually freaking everyone on board as they heard these tales before. Lina... Well... She isn't that pleased... No one knew her name until then...

While the pirates pleased for forgiveness from Lina, Ameria started her... Well... Attack. Lina, who saw the flag on the ship, immediately recognized it. A short reunion. And during that short period, the pirates tried to run away and calling Lina flat-chested as per usual, pissing her off. And... You know next. Lina busted them off. ^^ Not with Dragon Slave with less delight.

With that, a short break. Returning to us, is Lina and Gourry eating in the inn, waiting for Ameria and Zelgadiss to arrive. And... Look at the plates! Lina just doesn't change does she? And then, Ameria and Zelgadiss arrive and they start greeting each other. Well, not for Gourry. He is still wondering their names which make everyone unbelievable, even Lina. (Jelly Head) And returning to us, Wizer, who... Came here to capture Lina. Her crime? For being Lina Inverse. ... Yeah. For being Lina Inverse. -__-" Er... Then... Well... Ameria and the others went to their own group and start some weird conversation about Lina being Lina Inverse is seriously a big crime or something and Lina kicks them hard. Then, Wizer tells them about not to resist the arrest or they will meet with the army outside. As we understand Lina's personality, she will not be taken down this easily. She took on the army and finished almost half of them with one blast. ^^

While Lina wanted to fight on(Which that's what I believe), Zelgadiss suggested for them to get away. Well, they did ran away. (I realized I switch to past tense.) Until they met up with a magical switch... Er... Correction... A magic machine... Er... Turtle? Lina and the others ran away, realizing that the weakness of this machine is its speed(I am not sure, that's what I guess.). But they were caught up with the army and the machine eventually and they were force to battle.

Gourry wanted to take on the machine but his sword broke again. (And he tried to repair it again.) It was then the machine caught and attacked him and Zelgadiss actually came in as well. He proudly told the others that the machine attack is not effective to him due to his special bod while Gourry got burnt. Then, Zelgadiss analysis the weakness to be the bottom of the machine and Lina, along with Ameria attacked the machine. They managed to make the machine spin... towards them... ^^; Destroying parts of the town and the army.

When you were expecting Lina casting Dragon Slave, we heard someone else already started chanting. Yep, another new fellow... I still have no idea which is the name to it but... Hey, isn't it a stuff anime?! And this fellow destroyed the town. Isn't it like Lina? Well, with that, Lina is really pissed off. And it ended here.

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