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2008 April New Animes

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Time is never enough for me... Now I feel like crying... Anyway...
New animes!! HAHA!! Let's go!
Anime based on Manga/Novel:

  • Nabari no Ou (隱の王)
  • S.A (Special Class A,スペシャル・エー)
  • Soul Eater (ソウルイーター)
  • Monochrome Factor(モノクローム・ファクター)
  • Allison & Lilia (アリソンとリリア)
  • Code Geass - Lelounch of the Rebellion R2(コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2)
  • Wagaya no Oinari-sama(我が家のお稲荷さま。)

Anime based on Game:
  • Neo Angelique Abyss(ネオアンジェリーク Abyss)

Other Anime:
  • Itazura no Kiss(イタズラなKiss)
  • Blassreiter(ブラスレイター)

Right I catagorized them. Now simple introduction:
1. Itazura no Kiss(イタズラなKiss)
Number of Episode: 26
Places to watch: CrunchyrollIf you have watched the Japanese Drama of this, don't worry. It's not exactly the same. (Some of it are the same, if I am not wrong.) From what I heard from my friends who happened to watch the Taiwan Drama, even more of it are the same. But never the least, it's quite interesting for it to be draw out as anime. If you like the drama, go ahead and watch this anime. If you like romance in all ways, watch it!!
2. Blassreiter (ブラスレイター )
Number of Episode: 24
Places to watch it online: Crunchyroll,Youtube (Gonzo allowed this as it subbed the episodes. Out on Sunday[My local time])
It just don't catch my eyes on first sight, most unfortunately. However, after the first episode... Goodness sake, I am struck with it.
It talks about this special force, XAT, going after demonic who formally are humans. They didn't know how human can be change into demonic(basically those who became demonic went crazy and started killing people) and XAT was to hunt them down.
And then we have our main character(Yeah, there is main character...) , a man named Joseph Jobson. He is a demonic(Hey, how come the bad guy became the main character... I mean Hero?) who can control his demonic side. He fights for his own living and to protect human (Why... isn't it heroic? Well, that's what I think...). He seems to have a reason to fight the demonic though... The answer is still not out yet...
Then, another main character is Amanda Werner. She works in XAT, having adopted younger brother who later I think... Never mind, just watch the episode to know... She is very observant. But she seems to be a little naive to say... The story is still developing and I can't wait for the next episode...

3. Neo Anglique Abyss(ネオアンジェリーク Abyss)
Number of Episode: Still unknown.
Places to watch: Crunchyroll. I watch it on TV from my own local channel though...
If you watch the previous two series of Angelique, then again, do I ever need to explain more? Haha... Based on the game, seven guys, one lady (And by the name of Angelique... again...). Wonderfully drawn guys. I adore the guys. But the girl is cuter!^^
The world where Angelique lives in, Arcadia, is under the attack of Thanatos (some strange monsters again...). A group of purifiers is trying their best to protect human from its attack, but due to lack of people, they looked up Angelique who happen to be the only female purifier and also the Egg of the Queen. And it seems like the future of Arcadia lies in her hand...
Watch it if you like beautiful guys or handsome guys or... Whatever!! Just watch!!
4. Code Geass - Lelounch of the Rebellion R2 (
コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2)
Number of Episode: 25
Places to watch: Ahmm... Don't ask...Code Geass has really caught me in a series of wildness. When I watched the first episode, I was totally lost in it. I thought I got it wrongly. I thought I was watching the first episode of the first season. To my utter shock, the story had made a very weird turn.
Those who haven't watch the first season. Do not read further. Contain Spoiler!!
The story starts a year after the disappearance of Zero, a.k.a Lelounch. Lelounch, in first episode, doesn't remember anything. He turned back to normal schoolboy?! Yeah, you heard me. And to my other horror, he has a fake little brother named Rolo sent by Lelounch's father to spy on him.
Even more shocking happen next, Kallen, in rabbit girl suit, pretended to not know Lelounch and try to get him back to the Black Raider. I thought she really didn't know him until the end did I realize it was just part of the plan from C.C to get Lelounch's memory back... (Since Kallen is the only other person who knows Lelounch was Zero.)
I am not going to say more for I will spoiled everything.
5. Wagaya no Oinari-sama(我が家のお稲荷さま。)

Number of Episode: 24
Places to watch: Er... You tell me. ^^;Right. I just watch this for the fun of watching the humor in it.
Noboru and Toru are brothers. Their family is the water clan who can control the water to fight demons. Only the female born in the family can become Miko(priestess). However, Toru who holds the supposed place, is a male. ^^; Now, Toru is being chased after by monster who wants his power for their own. Therefore, they called Kugen, the fox-spirit to protect him. However, Kugen protected him and Noboru not because of the family, but of Toru's late mother...
Honestly, I like the humor in the story a lot since Kugen can change form from male to female and vice versa. Enjoy it if you like humor!

6. Allison & Lilia(アリソンとリリア)

Number of Episode: 26
Places to watch: Crunchyroll.Wow~ The story really is what I call - developing in high speed. But it's nice overall. Going straight to the point.
Story starts with two countries, the Confederation of Roxche and the United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa divided by Lutoni River and Central Mountains having war for over a century and had just cease fire. Allison, the female main character, is a pilot in Roxche Air Force who drove a plane over to her childhood playmate, as well as her lover(the guy didn't know), Wilhelm Schultz a.k.a Will.
During her visit, Allison and Will met this old man who was well-known in Will's village for his lies. Being a nice person as they were, they drove this old man back to his house. To thanks them, the old man invite them into the house and his neighbor helped him to make coffee for Allison and Will. During their conversation, the old man told them about a hidden treasure in the enemy's territory that could bring peace to both countries.
At first, both of them didn't believe in his words until the old man was taken away to the enemy territory. Allison and Will who went after them ended up trying to find that particular treasure mentioned by the old man to bring peace to the countries.
^^; I think I basically explain the first two episode to you.

7. Monochrome Factor(モノクローム・ファクター)

Number of Episode: Still unknown
Places to watch: CrunchyrollI watch this because I am reading the manga. Fighting scene isn't that exciting but humor is okay. Anything good about this anime? Ahm... Hmm... I don't know... The guys are cool I suppose... Watch it if you want to see light humor.
Nikaido Akira is a normal high school student who met up with Shirogane, a man who doesn't belong to this world. Akira's life changed entirely over the night when he met up with Kuchi(a type of shadow monster) in his school(He was forced by Aya, his chairperson to accompany her to the school.). Shirogane changed him into 'Shin' to fight Kuchi. It was after that Shirogane told Akira about the other world where he used to be, the Shadow World...
8. Soul Eater(ソウルイーター)
Number of Episode: 51
Place to watch: Tell me if you know...
Story revolves about three main character, Maka, Black Star and Death the Kid. The first three episodes basically introduce them to you. So, if you want to know how the story runs, watch the first three episodes to find out. Then again, let me continue. Story set in Shinigami Goku (Death God Academy I so translate it. ) where the student will change their weapon to the most powerful weapon called the Death Scythe. To do so, 99 evil souls plus 1 witch soul are needed. Maka, striving to be like her mother, along with her partner, Soul Eater make their way to the goal... But on the way, many things happened (That's how all stories go isn't it?).

9. S.A a.k.a Special Class (スペシャル・エー)
Number of Episode: 24
Where to watch: Tell me.
School life romance storyline lover, watch this!!! Seriously!! It's so funny that it really gave me a stomachache just watching it.
Story revolves around this girl by the name Hanazono Hikari who is the daughter of a carpenter, her rival, Takishima Kei who is the son of some rich company(I can't remember the name or is it even mention) along with her five more best friends, Yamamoto Megumi, Yamamoto Jun (They are twins brother and sister.), Karino Tadashi, Todo Akira and Tsuji Ryu in their elite school, Hakusenkan. To Hikari's family, it's actually a burden as it's very expensive to enter that school. However, to beat Kei, Hikari pleased her father to let her enter. So to repay her father's sake, Hikari did her best to beat Kei in their school ranking. However, Kei seems to be able to beat Hikari off and maintain in first place while she is in the second...
To add on to that, in Hakusenkan, only the top seven students can enter S.A class. Plus, Hikari is so slow that she didn't realize that Kei actually loves her... I am not saying more... ^^ Watch it!
10. Nabari no Ou(隠の王)
Number of Episode: 26
Place to watch: Crunchyroll
Shin no bansho, I think it's how it spells. More or less, it's about Rokujou Miharu who holds the most powerful ninjitsu, Shin no bansho. He didn't know it existed in him until someday, his classmate, Aizawa Kouichi and English Teacher, Kumohira Durandal Tobari wanted him to join ninjutsu club. In the start, he wasn't really into it but after he was attacked by a group of people from Kairoshin, he found out he had to become the King of this power to live on...
Ninja!! Haha! I thought I will just watch the first episode and stop. But I never knew I will fall in love this anime. Now I am also into the manga of it. ^^ It's really interesting to see how a boy like Miharu grow...
And that's all! It's really tiring to write 10 animes review at once....

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