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New story - 1000 years

Chapter One

“A long time ago... In the land of the gods... A beautiful story of five goddess all started there... The story of their strong friendship that withstood everything that came upon them... Even if their fate brought them to a very very sad ending...” An old lady sat in one corner of the stairs as she started her usual storytelling session to the children who gathered around her by then. Today, the old lady was going to tell a very different story from what she usually did. A story she knew from a long long time ago...

“It all started with this...”


It was a bright day in the heaven as gods gathered around the grand hall. They had received order from the Jade Emperor for a special event. Well... Not really a special event...

“Hey... Did you heard that this time there is a female Field Marshall?”

“Yes I did. And more over, I heard it's her!”

“You don't mean that terrifying woman, do you?”

“Yes. HER! That heartless, selfish, arrogant... Just any ungraceful terms you can find will fit into her. That Miao Xin!”

“Don't they know how to keep their voices down?” A voice whispered. Short black hair. A pair of circular red jade with golden-colored string earrings that matched the deep red eyes. A yellow shirt, purple tie, black pants along with a white coat. The owner of this voice sat on the Sakura tree and narrowed her eyes at the two guards talking just below. “And to think that you are talking bad about me...”

Miao Xin didn't moved from her place as she continued to watch the guards gossip on about her. She wasn't in a mood to care about what they say. To be honest, she knew almost all the bad things about herself. The troublemaker. The trouble creator. The monster killer. Cold hearted being... It could continued on but she didn't bother to list anymore. She was going to be a Field Marshall today. Appointed by the Jade Emperor himself. Miao Xin closed her eyes once again and took in a breath.

“I finally made it here... Guys...”


“YO!” A lady with red hair shouted as she ran down the path. Her emerald eyes shone brightly under the sunlight as well as her orange chinese-style top and gray pants.

“Good day, Major Shu Yan, glad to see you coming in early,” Another lady replied. Purple hair that matched her purplish eyes. Everything on her was purplish except her hair clip that was golden.

“Being sarcastic here aren't you, Sergent Bai Xue?” Shu Yan asked as she narrowed her eyes.

“Does it sound so?” Bai Xue replied as she closed her eyes, “I guess I still yet to master the trick in lying...”

“Why you...” Before Shu Yan could argued back, another lady with auburn brown hair and eyes stopped her.

“Ma... Shu Yan... Don't have to get worked up over small matter. Bai Xue, be more polite.” She said. Her pink qibao flew gracefully as the wind lifted it along, revealing her white pants. “I am trying, Yi Fong,” Bai Xue smiled at her, “Except someone just can't take up more joke...”

“What did you say?” Shu Yan shouted as Bai Xue turned her head away and Yi Fong laughed lightly.

“Glad to see you both still in a very good shape,” Yi Fong smiled.

“Sorry for being a 24/7 happy mode person,” Shu Yan replied, smiling.

“You too, Yi Fong,” Bai Xue said, “Heard that you are getting a lot of 'good' remakes from the officers.”

“As per usual,” Yi Fong laughed when she heard Bai Xue's comment, “your information is still at its peck.”

“She is the informer for something isn't it?” Shu Yan smirked.

“I take that as a compliment then,” Bai Xue replied as she looked at Shu Yan who just continued to smirk at her.

“But don't you think this is a little too overdoing?” Yi Fong asked as she looked around, “When they are only going to introduce the new Field Marshall to everyone?”

“Now that you mention,” Shu Yan continued, “It is. I mean... Do they need to call us as well? We are not even General or Colonel...”

“According to my information,” Bai Xue spoke in enthusiasm, “This time, the Field Marshall is appointed directly by the Jade Emperor himself. And more over, I heard that it is someone who is not famous in the field.”

“In the field?” Shu Yan asked.

“You don't mean...” Yi Fong, on the other hand, stared at Bai Xue in shocked. Bai Xue who noticed it, nodded.

“Yes, it's her alright. General Miao Xin.”


“Come forward, Miao Xin.”

The door opened gradually, revealing Miao Xin. As soon as the door was open fully, she made her way down the path. People who had gathered around were whispering under their breaths as she passed by.

“Look at her... She doesn't even know how to dress as a lady...”

“How terrifying 'qi*' she has around her...”

“Now that's what I call 'wow',” Shu Yan whispered to Bai Xue and Yi Fong.

“You mean her 'qi'?” Bai Xue asked as she smirked at Shu Yan.

“How can that make me scared? It got me excited though...” Shu Yan replied as she narrowed her eyes at Miao Xin. This caused Bai Xue and Yi Fong to shake their heads at their friend. Shu Yan was well-known for her battle style. Fight without a trace of thoughts of afterward.

“Are you sure you are not a homosexual?” Bai Xue sighed, earning herself a punch on the head by Shu Yan.

'Honestly, her 'qi' is really powerful. No other General can beat her on that.' Yi Fong thought, ignoring both Bai Xue and Shu Yan who by then were fighting each other in one corner. 'But her eyes... It looks like it's dead...'

“Miao Xin, arrive on your appoint,” Miao Xin replied in a cold voice as she kneed before the Emperor.

“Hmm...” The Jade Emperor spoke lightly as he looked down at Miao Xin before turning to the crowd, “As you all know, Miao Xin here has many and countless accomplishments. Therefore, I had decided to appoint her as Field Marshall of the Special Command Force.”

“Special Command Force?” Voices were heard throughout the hall as the news was announced.

'Special Command Force... The group with the shortest lifeline of all the rest...' Miao Xin thought before replying, “I thank you for the appointment and greatly accept it.”

“Ahmm... What is a Special Command Force?” Shu Yan asked as she blinked at the crowd who were whispering among themselves.

“Ah... You didn't know about it, Shu Yan?” Yi Fong asked, smiling yet her eyebrow twisted.

“Special Command Force is a special unit in the field,” Bai Xue started once again with the explanation, “It only received orders from the Emperor himself and does as the Emperor say. More or less, it's the Emperor's personal unit. But, there is one bad thing about this unit.”

“Bad thing?” Shu Yan asked.

“The lifespan of this unit doesn't last,” Yi Fong replied, “All of them are killed in missions. This unit is now known as the unit for those who are viewed as a problem.”

“A...” Shu Yan said as she looked over to Miao Xin who was still kneeing.

“To help you in this unit, I had also decided to appoint three more person,” The Jade Emperor continued.

“Sergant Bai Xue. Major Shu Yan. General Yi Fong. Come forward.”

All at once, the crowd silenced as they turned to look at the three of them who stopped their actions.

“Oi Oi... You have to be kidding me...” Shu Yan replied.

“It seems like it is not a joke,” Yi Fong smiled sarcastically at the situation.

“And I think we better get going before we are being called once again,” Bai Xue suggested as she started to walk towards the center of the hall, followed by the other two.

“Sergent Bai Xue.” Bai Xue started as she kneed down.

“Major Shu Yan.” Shu Yan continued, kneeing down.

“General Yi Fong.” Yi Fong continued as she kneed down last.

“Came upon your appoint.” All three of them said at once.

“The three of you will be assigned to Field Marshall Miao Xin and assist her at all cost,” The Jade Emperor nodded and replied, “Sergent Bai Xue, Major Shu Yan, the both of you will now be promoted to rank General.”

“What? Both at once?!” “General?! The both of them?” More waves of disapproves sounded in the crowd which was silenced by Jade Emperor who signaled with his hand.

“Hai! We thank you for your appreciation and will continue to work our best.” All three of them said in union.

'There is something strange in this...' Both Miao Xin and Yi Fong thought almost at the same time about the strange promotion.

“It can't be...” Miao Xin whispered unconsciously when a sudden person image came through her mind.

“And... For who will be in charge of the team, it is obvious that...” Before the Jade Emperor could finished his statement, Miao Xin had cut in.

“All to your respect, your excellency,” Miao Xin said in a tone of respect yet with a slight sense of coldness in it, “I will like to discuss with the rest before agreeing on who is going to lead the team. I will report about it as soon as it is settled.”

“How disrespectful!” “To argue with Jade Emperor.”Angry voices were heard from the crowd.

“Now that's daring,” Shu Yan whispered as she looked at the Miao Xin's back before to the Jade Emperor who seems to be ignoring the crowd and stared at Miao Xin.

“She is a very daring person isn't she?” Yi Fong replied with a smile as she looked at Miao Xin's back. 'To use words in such a way. Dangerous is the only word I can find to describe her statement.'

“But will the Jade Emperor accept it?” Bai Xue asked as she looked up at Jade Emperor who by then was smiling.

“Very well, Miao Xin,” The Jade Emperor replied as he sat back in his seat, “Report to me as soon as possible. Dismiss!”

All the four of them bowed before getting up. In Miao Xin's mind, all she wanted to do was to head towards a certain person's room straight away that she didn't realized that Bai Xue, Shu Yan and Yi Fong who were waiting for her at the doorway.

“So, I guess it's 'Let's work hard'?” Shu Yan said as Miao Xin walked past them. When she realized Miao Xin's ignore, she caught up with Miao Xin and grabbed her by the arm. “Hey, I am talking to you.”

Instead of replying, Miao Xin just narrowed her eyes at Shu Yan who immediately withdrew her hand. She continued to stare at Shu Yan for a moment before turning to walk away, leaving just a statement, “You will receive more information later.”

“What a person,” Bai Xue said as she tapped Shu Yan on the shoulder.

“Coldness in her eyes...” Shu Yan replied seriously, “Even though her eyes is blazing red, I can't feel any heat in it.”

“Talking serious for once, Shu Yan,” Yi Fong smiled as she stood beside them, “She is a very cold-hearted person just like the rumors isn't it?”

“Heartless, you mean,” Shu Yan sighed before turning back to her usual playful mode, “But who cares, as long as it is fun, it doesn't matter.”

“It does matter a lot to the rest under us now,” Yi Fong giggled, “But, we do not know much about Miao Xin do we?”

“You want to know about her?” Bai Xue asked as she looked at Yi Fong.

“As her subordinates, we have to aid her. But to aid her well, we need no secrets between us, don't you think, Bai Xue?” Yi Fong replied with a smile.

Sighing a little, Bai Xue closed one eyes and said, “Four hours. That's the amount time needed to gather the informations about her. But I can't say I will have all the informations.”

“Anything that is not within the rumor will do, Bai Xue,” Yi Fong smiled, “We will meet again later in the evening I suppose. We do need to handle other affairs since we are all promoted in a way.”

“You say it,” Bai Xue laughed.

“I will get wine later,” Shu Yan smiled, “Want anything to go along with it?”

“Fine wine will do, Shu Yan,” Yi Fong laughed as she walked down the corridor, “See you guys later!”

As the three friends walked towards their difference destinations, little did they knew, their fates had already started to spin. A fate so twisted and dark...

At the same time, Miao Xin walked briskly down the Mercy Palace. Everyone who saw her coming stood aside as they could sense the anger from her.

“What a beautiful day.” A magical voice spoke as she looked at the lotus pond outside her window.

“It's beautiful for you but not me!” Miao Xin shouted as she slammed the door open.

“Where is your respect, Miao Xin?” The owner of the voice asked as she looked at her. Her long silky black hair tied up high, dressed in pure white dress. Her eyes gently cast upon Miao Xin as she spoke.

“What is the meaning of putting them under me, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Guan Yin Pu Sa**?” Miao Xin asked, ignoring her question.

“You are still as usual,” Guan Yin replied as she took her seat, “You still have many things to learn.”

“I am asking a question,” Miao Xin shouted in anger, “And I want my answer!”

“Just how long did you think you have live to speak to me like this?” Guan Yin asked in a tone of mixture of strictness and playfulness, which effectively silenced Miao Xin, “How long do you think you can live like this, caring nothing but yourself?”

“I...” Miao Xin found herself speechless upon the question.

“Miao Xin, if this is the path you are walking down., you will have to change. Changing is not a bad thing,” Guan Yin replied in a gentle tone.

Miao Xin kept silence for a while before asking, “Why them?”

“You will know,” Guan Yin smiled as she took a file out and slided it across the table, “See for yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. That's you, isn't it, Miao Xin?”

“I only believe in the things I see with my own eyes,” Miao Xin replied in a low tone.

“So be it,” Guan Yin said, sitting comfortably in her seat, “Now get going. I don't like military personal hanging around my place too long.”

Before she left the room with the file in her hand, Miao Xin stopped for a while and whispered 'Thank you' and closed the door behind her.

“Is it wise to do so?” A man dressed in armor asked as he walked out his hiding. He had been hiding since Miao Xin walked into the room.

“It's not about wise or not in doing this, Jiroushin***. It's more of a.... Can they stand up against their fates?” Guan Yin said as she closed her eyes, smiling to herself.

“Indeed,” Jiroushin replied.

“Can you be someone's sun, Miao Xin?” Guan Yin whispered to no one in particular, “Can you people change her, Bai Xue, Shu Yan, Yi Fong? Let me see what your fate will become of you.”

    * - Aura
    ** - Buddhism. Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Check the site for more information.
    ***- Took this name from Saiyuki. Since I quite like the name itself. More or less the same.

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