Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change of background - Saiyuki -

Mood: Happy~~!!
Listening to: Blow Wind by Hoshi Souichiro, Seki Toshihiko and Hirata Hiroaki

God... Lately been too free and... Crazy as it is... I am now into Saiyuki...!!?? What the hell?! Never mind about me.
I wasn't really a big fan of this anime when it first came out. (Sorry to Saiyuki Fans...) The reason was because they change the actual Saiyuki (Or call xi yu ji, 西游记) from China.
But then again... Minus that part away, this anime is definitely awesome. (And funny.) I simply love how they craft the characters. (I still remember the 'ero kappa' and 'baka saru'.) Haha~~ Definitely worth the watching...
And ah~~ Before I forgot, if you are a BL lover, you would love this anime. ^_^ Even for my taste, they looked too hot to be together. *Hit herself head hard against the wall* AHH~~!! SANZO~~!!! Hahaha~~ <---She is getting too nuts at this point of time
Well, I will be back with more introduction of anime. ^_^ Sign off~!

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