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Anime changes

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So most of the anime ended last week before April. Good thing for me since it's before my school reopen. Bad thing is some of the ending kinda... sucks... I can't find any better to replace it.
First of all, MAR ended, which I am pretty glad it did. I was praying that it's not going to be as draggy as One piece. And thanks a lot, it didn't. It ended on Episode 102, which is also very weird. Since most of the anime usually end with pretty nice number. But it's fine with me. The ending was pretty much the same as the ending in the manga so I had more or less guessed the ending...
Digimon savers ending was kind of lame. However it's pretty much a happy ending with both world saved. And I am not going to commend on it any more before I start complaining everything that's bad for this anime. I must say the anime turn bad half way through.
Ghost Hunt pretty much have no ending. And it went on just like the manga went so I wasn't surprise by the sudden end of the anime especially since the manga have recently got to the same point. *Sweat*
Shounen Onmyouji was a happy end. Well... Some fans might be disappointed with the ending however... I pretty much accepted the fact. But was hoping for the better...
Ki-Ba ending wasn't satisfying to me at all. But the very least, the world is saved and peaceful once again. I pity Roya however... Since... Zedd didn't stay in their world... >_< WHY, Zedd?! WHY did you leave poor Roya who lost her master and her parents?! EVIL Zedd! *Cough* Ingore me...
Negima?! was fine. The ending is very funny. The whole class transformed just to look for Negi's father, Thousand Spell Master (Is that the right translation?). >_< But in the end, we just saw his father's shadow. >_<;; Something about him not wanting to Negi... Poor Negi-kun... And a surprise was in the ending too, but I guess most of us had the answer from long ago.
That's the report for the anime ended. Now is the report for the current anime on air.
On the top list, Nanoha Strikers (Full name: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS). Nanoha-chan is back with more action this time (I hope.). Bring along with her and her friends, Fate and Hayate, is 4 newcomers. Well, who are they? Those who had read the manga chapter would have know. To find out, check it out on the anime itself. To let you know, Nanoha Strikers Ep1 is on youtube. Just enter Nanoha Strikers and you will find them. Hope youtube haven't take it down.
Next is Hayate no Gotoku. I know this anime due to the fact that I like the manga itself. And if you like Love Hina or something about the same as that, you will love this anime. A very very funny anime. The story starts off with the main female character, Nagi(I have no idea why they use this name... It's getting more and more common...) running away from a robot (Operated by someone for sure.) and then the main male character, Hayate coming to save her. Hayate is Nagi's butler (all due to a mistake in understanding... -__-"). In addition to that, Hayate owned Nagi money for the fact that his parents sold him off to some yakuza and Nagi was the one who helped him to clear his debt(Technically is his parent's debt.). That's about it.
El Cazador caught my eyes because of one thing: Guns. After watching the first episode, I am fairly sure it will turn out to be more or less like Noir. But... I like~! The story is about a girl, Ellis who is on her run from hunters as she was the suspect for a certain murder. Nadi is a bounty hunter who helped Ellis and currently being hunted as well. So far this is the information I could gather from the first episode. Ellis somehow had some supernatural power within her. And Nadi, I suppose she is very skillful in her gun shooting.
Darker than Black is one anime that I can't understand the situation just yet. Something about the world being invaded by something unknown or something. Then Human created fake sky to hide the facts... In which after, human gained incredible power after signing a treaty or something... Sound more and more like Tokko already. I will need to see the rest before I know what is going on.
Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd season also started. Since it's a continue from the 1st season I don't have to explain much. But the first episode had already laugh my lungs out... ^^
This is about it. See you guys later~

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