Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let's just say I'm getting more restless than I should be

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Well, a month and three weeks past by so fast. I haven't even finish what I want. And here I am back in school for three weeks.
After watching Sailormoon, I found myself falling back in love with Slayers. A classic anime. Taking this chance, I will introduce this anime.
This story starts with this girl named Lina Inverse. She is the genius sorceress. She is also known as the dragon slayer or bandits killer. In either way, she could cast very complex spells than most sorcerer around. In which, on her way, she met up with Gourry Gabriev, who at first thought Lina was a lady but was disappointed when he saw her close up and called her a child. They travelled together for Gourry made himself Lina's bodyguard.
In the first season, they met with a chimera (Mixture of monster blood and human. But for this case, it's a mixture of human, rock golem and demon.), Zelgadiss Graywords who was finding a cure to his body to return to normal and Ameria Wil Tesla Saillune, a princess who is overly-obessed with justice.
In the second season (Slayers Next), they met up with a Mazoku (Race of evil), Xelloss who introduced himself as the mysterious priest. In another case, another girl named Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova who also is a princess, followed Lina-tachi around in this season. 'Cause Lina destoryed her city with her 'Dragon Slave'. Lots of funny situations.
In the third season (Slayers Try), they met up with a golden dragon priestess of the First Holy Order of Karyuu-ou Valbazaard (Flarelord), Filia UI Copt and another mazoku, Valgarv who wanted to kill Lina.
Since Lina is the hero in the story, she really IS the most powerful. First of all, she killed one of Ruby Eye Shabranigdo, Rezo, the Blind Red Priest. Secondly, she killed two of five Ruby Eye Shabranigdo's subordinates, Mei-ou Fibrizo (Hellmaster Fibrizo) and Maryuu-ou Garv (Chaos Dragon Garv). Thirdly, she and the gang finished Kokushi-ou Dugradigdo (Dark Star Dugradigdo). Lastly, Lina is the only one who is able to call upon the Mother of All, Lord of Nightmare who came to this world in Lina's body. The only one who could used Giga Slave that called upon Lord of Nightmare.
In the story, the only couple that had been revealed prefectly is Lina and Gourry. (This is for sure.) But my other favourite couples are Amelia with Zelgadiss and Filia with Xelloss. ^_^ Currently I am so into Slayers that I can really forget about writing stories for CCS (Cardcaptor Sakura). Ahmm... No worry, I am still writing it. Except that it might take a while before I continue writing it.
That's about it now. I will try to write a introduction for Shounen Onmyouji, The Third and Le Chevalier D`Eon in the next post. ^_^

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