Friday, August 25, 2006


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Finally, my exam is over. Even though I would say that my performance for this term is extremely terrible for some reason or another. But not the point here. And... Hey!! I just change my background. [Some might say so what...] And the layout... To be fair... The blog seems to be a little too dull... Thought made it a bit nicer...

Anyway, like I say, anime nowaday is getting more interesting... I am going after another interesting anime call Chevalier. Pretty interest. Haha~~~ Not starting till this week I think. Looking forward.

And... I must say that Utaware really is a great anime so far. The plot is getting better by the moment. And sometime it is a bit sad. [And I cried, to be honest.] Another 5 episode and it will be over. I think. ARG~~~!!! I want to know how it will end!!!

Digimon Saver came to a point I must say that I really have no idea how to comment on it. I was watching it and thinking to myself, 'Am I missing something?'. So well, much of the things are not out yet, so I have no idea. At all. What will be going on next.

Bleach, as per usual, filters!!! AH!!! Come on with the action!! I am pretty tired of waiting...

Lately, I started watching Sailormoon again... All thanks to a friend of mine. But, come to think... Sailormoon is really a very nice anime. ^_^; Chibiusa and Usagi-chan. Sailormoon and Chibimoon. All the sailor senshi. They are so nice. Reminds of the nice time back in primary school... Childhood is so nice...

Back to the topic. I still yet to finish my stories. [And yes, I know people are waiting...] I will try to write another chapter over the holiday, hopefully. ^_^;

Comments are always welcome. Glad to hear from everyone to improve this blog.

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