Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two months, eight weeks...

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So it's been eight weeks that I last blogged. So I thought I just dropped by. Last post were talking about two new animes airing in Japan. And it's before my school starts. >_<" What am I talking about now?

In all, Year two is a seriouly killer year. It was least expected. Especially I am a slacker. I am not even sure if I can catch up with the rest of my class. [Without her around. ^^;] But in all cases, I am seriously struggling with my studies.

Anyway, talking about anime in the previous post, (And I am seriously thinking of making this blog to become an anime review blog.) let me talk about another two animes. ^_^ Let's start with Ki-Ba.

Ki-Ba started in a weird setting which till now I can't really tell if it's the near-future or what. But it talks about this boy, Zedd who entered another dimension of world where spirits existed. Shard Caster. He was born to be one. But things just didn't go smooth. With his mother around (Who is also a Shard Caster). This anime feels more like an RPG game. (Or maybe it is from RPG game which I don't know.)Personally, I am quite interested in the story. It's quite fun as well, seeing the summon of spirits and how Zedd tries to control his spirit. That's for now.

The next one I am talking about is Bakegyamon. This anime is definitely made for kids. Looks a lot like Beyblade and Yu-gi-oh... And Duel Master. Well, it talks about this boy called Sashirou(Still unsure of how to spell the name. Will edit after I know the correct spelling.) who was taken to a world where they can summon monster by Fua. And his duty is to save the monster in the monster world, in this very game, Bakegyamon. (Which I really can't remember the name of the world.) It's quite funny. And talks about friendships(A lot like Beyblade) and dueling of cards (summoning creatures like Yu-gi-oh). Oh well... I can't say much or I will spolit the fun of the show.

That's all for now. Need to really get back to work. I will upload some pictures on these animes if I have time. Running off!!!

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