Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's almost time for school~~

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So, my first year holiday is coming to an end. Well, in fact, my school starts tomorrow. Most Unfortunate.

For one thing, [Thinking to herself that she had just skipped a thought in her mind]some of my classmates just switched classes. It is the worst news ever heard when we got the timetable. Most of them are going for appeal, I think. Not sure what is on their mind. [Telling herself, 'Of course, you are not them.'] I wasn't affected. Most probably because my result really is that bad. [Telling herself again, 'But at least I passed.'] The reason that there was a change in classes is just because the school allowed 16 students from an University in. Can't remember the school name. But if I didn't recalled wrongly, it is from China. So we have to be their host. *Sigh* Since when did we get paid to be guide? [*Sigh* Tell herself, 'We paid them to be guide.'] Let's just hope those who want to appeal back into their classes can successfully return.

I am not really looking forward for school to reopen. It's too boring. The whole year is a killing year. And this kind of thing happened. How can one look forward to it?

Anyway, just finished my lesson with my students. Nearly killed myself for the morning one. He had totally no understanding to 'Number Pattern'. He sees nothing... *Sigh* Once again, I prove myself as a bad teacher who can't teach him well.

However, I am rather looking forward to watching new anime. Cool anime all out now!! Hahaha~~!! [Laugh out loud till my brother looks at me weirdly, thinking that I must be mad now.] Some of it are just so cool. I really love them. Gonna watch them all!

One of which is Utaware Rumono. A very very nice anime. [Although it was made from a H-game, which I don't want to be reminded. And no worry, it's not a hentai.] I love the costume in the anime. There are so traditional.

By the way, the story is about this guy who was found by a girl called Eruru. But the guy can't remember anything about his past. So he now lived his life in Eruru's village. As per usual, things started happening after he came. But I only watched the first two episodes. So there is more to come.


The guy who can't remember about his past

Ururu, Eruru's younger sister

Eruru's and Ururu's grandmother

That's for this anime. Next anime I will introduce will be from Digimon Savers. If you are a digimon fan, you are going to be after this.

So it started out with this two, Agumon and Daimon Masaru fighting with each other in the show. So, naturally, Daimon Masaru is the main character. Never-the-less, I would say that Agumon is also the main character. [Again] After their little fight, Masaru found himself a 'little brother' but he got himself into the mess when this lady called Yoshino from Digital Accident Tactics Squad[Or called DATS] who is actively involved in returning Digimon that came into the real world back to where there are. And the story began. Then again, I watched only two episodes so, all I can say is that Masaru did join the DATS and a third guy is going to appear next episodes

Masaru and Agumon


That's about it. I would introduce a few more anime next time. That's all for now.


Both anime opening are very nice. I love them both. And about the series, you might have to wait again. Bye.

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