Monday, February 06, 2006

Well... Weeks without blogging...

Listening to: Ichirin no Hana

Mood: Ahm... Can't express just?

Well, haven't been blogging have I? Was quite busy with my classes... projects... exams... In addition, I am so~~~ lazy.... Can't say more than that... Heehee~~

Anyway, my students managed to pass their exams... *Sigh* But they are continuing their tuition with me. Anyway, I hope they can handle their secondary school lives better than they are in primary. But... my hope was drop once again... They can't make up their minds at all!! *Sigh* When will they ever going to grow up?

Going to have to present tomorrow... My presentation for OC. Not quite excited or any, but worried. Worry that I might not present it well, bored half the people in my class out. Secondly, I am the last in the group to present, if they do not finish in time, good luck, I will have to come next week with the same clothes again~!! Can you believe this? I have to wear formally for two whole weeks!!! *Sigh* I gave up.

Not going to write any stories for now. The series on pause now. Bye... [Was posting in class]

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