Monday, February 27, 2006

Blogging in progress?

Listening to: I'm not junk (Rozen Maiden Traumend OST - Track 12)

Mood: Tired + Bored + Restless

Oh right, I was bored. So I decided to read people's blog(Other then the usual blog I visited). So I went to one of the least visited blog in my list. Well, it belongs to one of my schoolmates(Not going to mention who, just in case he/she is reading this). Seriously, I don't go through people's blog word by word. But this time round, I went by characters. I find myself choking onto my saliva. Goodness christ, I was hoping I wasn't that bored to even read it. Not going to go into details(Before I start to have side-effects), I will leave it here for now. (In other word, it's worst then the one I read from my 'girl-friend's blog.)

So, back to my usual life. Exam is almost over. (Actually, tomorrow is my last paper and I am free for 6 weeks)In all case, I think I just fall in love with an old anime, Samurai 7. Quite interesting. (Except that the sub-characters are all very ugly.) Well, looking forward to the ending. (And, yes, it is ending soon on television. The series had long been finished.) Was thinking whether or not to buy the VCD for that. Ahm... Thinking... Thinking...

Ah~~~ Yeah, I will be updating soon for my story on fanfiction. I can't leave the story there. I will find one day to complete the unfinshed chapter.(People are waiting for new chapter over there, I know. -_-") The series here will... Ahm... If I have spare time... I will update as well...

I am really tired... Exam faster over~~ I want holiday~~ Lalala~~~ -_-" Okay... I have no idea what I am talking now... Never mind. I will be back really soon... Bye~~~

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