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The series starts...


For centuries, human had live a peaceful life, without the knowledge that dangerous were always around the corner. They never knew. The reason that they can live their lives so stable. Something has been protecting them. People thought that they only existed in legends, in stories. Only few believe that they existed in real. The name people gave them, the common name:


A creature that lives on for hundreds of years. They fear the day, they live in the dark. They can be killed by holy items. But it is true? Do all vampires feared the light and holy items? In stories, vampires are being treated as enemy. In reality, it is true as well. The reason is simple. People feared their existence. Their very existence were never permitted. It was treated as unnatural mutation.

Even so.

They had helped the prosperity of the world. Their knowledge had exceed human races. Their abilities were higher than human races.

Enemy of the world.

The longest history in their own kind. The enemy of the world. The purest family in the their history. Their very existence were erased by their kind. They thought they were the ones that will destroy the world. Foolish? Not exactly. They knew. This family had abilities higher than any other of the same kind. The child born under this family was to be worshiped like god. In fact, they were treated as god.

But their existence were vanquish.

This family was being betrayed by their own kind. Killed for one simple reason:


From then on, vampires hid their existence. They looked just like any human being. Most of which feared the sunlight. Some of which could stay a while in sunlight. They lived their lives just like any human. Soon, they found themselves forgetting their true identities, blending into human races. They forgot their true purpose of existences.


Some were found. Not matter how one can hid themselves well. One thing would differentiate them from human. The thirst for blood. Vampires live on blood. Both from their kind or human kind. The way to identify them.


Something is going to happen. Dangers is once again sensed in this peaceful world. War outbreak. Unhappiness. Something is behind the cause of these. Those vampires who threw their real identities away found themselves facing a threat to preserve human kind. Someone within their own had betrayed them. But who? Since they had killed the purest blood. There shouldn't be any threats. So how could this happen? Could it that the purest blood still exist on this very Earth? Could it still continue to flow in the blood?

Here's the start of story:

Chapter one – The start of the melody

“For centuries, we have lived in silence, hiding ourselves within human to live on.”

“We fought for the preserve of human kinds.”

“The purest blood has been killed. This can't be happening.”

“The enemy of the world. We thought that if we killed them. All of us will be saved.”

“Yes, but see now.”

“Maybe someone in the court had betrayed the thought of preserving human kinds.”

Mumbling was heard within the dark room. People sat in a circle.

“What are you talking about, Alfred?”

A young man stood up from the crowd and bowed, making all to look at him. His sky-blue eyes looked around the court while saying, “I am saying that, if we assume that the purest blood had been eliminated completely. Then, I would strongly believe that someone in our court is behind the fanning of human kinds' thoughts to kill each other.”

“Why do you say that, Alfred?”

“Easy, elders,” Alfred smiled a little and started to walk around the court, “Come to think. Human kind had been prospering with our help. Our knowledge are a lot more advanced than them. Without our help, human kinds would continue to be what they are a few centuries ago.”

“What are you aiming at?”

“Aiming? The reason. Why do we have to preserve mankind? Why can't we create a world of our own? Why do we have to live in harmony with them? Allowing them to use the technology we had inverted on our own. It makes them think that they are the most intelligence kind on Earth.”

More mutterings were heard in the court as Alfred continued.

“To destroy mankind without soiling our hands once again in blood. The fastest way is to make human kind killed themselves. Wars, hatred. The way of life.”

“Alfred, are you out of your mind?”

“No,” Alfred replied bitterly and stopped walking, “I am thinking from the point of the betrayer. Isn't it the same to us when we killed the purest blood?”

“But that was to preserve human kind...”

“To us, they are to be worship as God. Human has their own God as well. A lot different from ours. But strangely, it affects most of us. I really wonder why. Don't we worship our God to gain protection as well? Why do we killed our God to preserve mankind?”

Silence accompanied the crowd who looked at the young man.

“Envy? Why can't we be the God himself? That's why we killed our God. It's the very same reason. We are using our technology for human kinds. Isn't it the same that we are worshiping them instead of them worshiping us? Aren't we more superior than they are? Why are we working for them? Why are we living under their wings?”

“It's enough! Alfred!”

“Sorry about that.”

“If what you say is true, then I should ask you. Who is it then?”

“I would love to answer that, elders. I would really love to. But unless you give me time, I will find the person out. And if you allow me to continue with the case.”

“I give you the authority to proceed. I want to know the reason for all of these to happen.”

“As you wish.” Alfred smiled and bowed before the group.

Meanwhile, some where on Earth, a girl was standing by a wall, waiting for her friends. Her black eyes hidden behind that shiny blue spectacles. She isn't exactly a beauty so to say. She looks like just any other over-grown teenagers around. In other word to express her, she is fat or obese in a nicer tone. Her sense of fashion is terrible. Her mother always complains about her clothings. But she choses to ignore. And I almost forgot to mention her name. Her name is Xin. Yes. A chinese name.

“Hey, Xin!” A voice alerted the girl as she looked to the source of the voice. There she saw, one of her friends waving at her as she ran towards her. The rest of her friends strolled care-freely behind.

“Finally here I see,” Xin smiled a little as she watched her little friend panted for breath in front of her.

“That's mean,” She replied. And yes, I almost forgot to introduce her to you. The little friend of her is Voon. She has shoulder-length black hair, her grayish eyes is almost unseen-able when she smiles. She might be little, but she is the most energetic of them all. She is also one of the two more clever ones in the gang. Nevertheless, she is one good athletic.

“I suppose you are the one who is late, Voon,” Xin sighed, closing her eyes. Voon blushed a little as she heard her say.

“You are right again, Xin,” Another girl replied. This girl is Yee. Her long black hair is tied up in a ponytail. Her dark brown eyes was watery-clear. She might look like any other fair lady. But, like what people always say, 'Don't judge the book by their cover.' or 'Looks can be misleading.', in either way, she is quite a martial art girl. So don't mess with her.

“Who will be late as usual for our meeting?” The last girl smirked, making Voon blushed even deeper out of embarrassment. The name for the last girl is Xue. Her dull golden-brown eyes behind that stylish spectacles of hers makes her look more boylish than anything. Wearing her usual t-shirt and pants, she gives people no feeling of a girl in her, especially with her flat chest. She is also as intelligence as Voon is.

“I should have guess it,” Xin looked over at them. It was their usual outing together. This group of best friends. Their usual day where they sit down together to chat with each other. Everything seems usual. Or so they think. It wasn't any usual morning for them on that day. The wheel of fate for them has started to turn. Will it pull them apart or bring these friends closer?

“Hey, that's mean. I mean, I dashed here to meet you guys.”

“Yes yes, what-so-ever.”

“I heard that, Xin.”

“It was meant to be heard.”


“Ouch! That hurts!”

“Serve you right, Xin.”

Voon stormed off in front of the gang. Xin rubbed her head in pain while her other friends giggled and followed along with Voon.

“Does she has to be so violence?” Xin whispered as she ran after her friends.

“I smell something really nice around this area.” A voice spoke in the shadow as the girls walked by.

“Tasty?” Another asked.

“Pure. Virgins.”


“Let's have some feast, shall we?”

The shadows grinned, letting their fangs out and vanished into the darkness.

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Hoho. what happens about it? I'm eager to know. Waiting for your next post. And, fantastic story although some parts i cant get it. Hehehe.