Thursday, October 13, 2005


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I haven't been updating my blog for a while so I thought I just dropped in between by break.

I am starting a series of story on Vampire. Not so different from most of the others vampire story. So I don't expect much reaction. But I do hope that you guys like it. It wouldn't be up so soon. I am still working on it. But hey... I got the summary up. ('cause I am going to post it on

Here you go:

Do you believe that vampires are limited to night time only? Or do you chose to believe that?

What if I say, that all the fact about vampires are not all of that? What if there is a legend untold to many? A legend which feared most vampires around the world? A legend about two families. Two families with the purest blood of the vampire. Two families that was being targeted by their own kinds. Why is it so? What if, the blood of these families still continues to flow?

That's about it. Review are welcome as well to make the story interesting. :) Be right back then.

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