Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fun day!!

Listening to: Ai Ta Kokoro

Mood: Sleepy + Tired

I went for dinner with my best friends to celebrate one of their birthday (Not going to mention the name). Heehee... It was real fun. Minus the money part. (By the way, we went to eat buffet. Sort of buffet la... Not really buffet... In all case, cost us about $122. :X ) We all have a fun time. Took a few pictures together. I am a bit selfish here. I am not going to share for the time being. :p

I went mapling in the morning. Kind of get bored. But I will continue to play till I am level 70. Persistent!! Anyway, I hope they really come out with the 2 x experience card. We really need that to level up at a faster speed. Or everyone will be leveling at a very slow rate. *Sigh* When will I level up?

About the story, I was wondering, should I write about vampire or just plain old magical story... Can anyone make a decision for me?

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